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Alois Haider

Hasendorferstrasse 110-1

8430 Leibnitz


Phone: +43 664 1341160


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“Lose of the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) The consumer has no right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) for the delivery of digital content that is not stored on a physical data carrier if the entrepreneur - with the consumer's express consent, combined with his confirmation of knowledge of the loss of the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) in the event of early start to the fulfillment of the contract and after providing a copy or confirmation in accordance with Section 7 Paragraph 3 FAGG - the delivery has begun before the expiry of the otherwise existing withdrawal period. According to Section 7 Paragraph 3 FAGG, the consumer will receive a confirmation of the concluded contract on a durable medium (e.g. e-mail) within a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of the contract, but at the latest before the start of the service provision, together with the information specified in Section 4 Paragraph 1 FAGG Information is made available unless this information has already been made available on a durable medium. In any case, the contract confirmation contains a confirmation of the consent to the immediate provision of the service and the confirmation of the consumer's knowledge of the resulting loss of the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal)."

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