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AH Project Consulting

AH Project Consulting advises project managers. I create digital products as guidelines for project management. I have over 30 years of experience in project management. With my guidelines you are always on the right path. The guidelines are designed to be simple and understandable and are a great support throughout your entire project.

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​ After 30 years in the project business, after my retirement, I decided to pass on the experiences and skills I was able to gather and learn over the years to the next generation of project managers in an e-book admit.

​The guideline contains all steps from the initiation of the project to the close out and handover to the customer.

You can purchase the e-book Module 1 (Project Execution) here on my website.
Modules 2 (Project Processes) and 3 (Site Management) will follow in a few weeks.

The e-book is provided in A4 format as a pdf file.

The book is in English because I had to experience that 95% of projects have to be completed in English due to globalization.

Why did I write this guideline?

To avoid the frequent failure of projects  there have always been various discussions. Deficiencies in project management are often cited as a key factor.

Project management is considered a factor for success

A professional PM can be seen as a central criterion for the success of projects.

In particular are:

  • to precisely define the boundaries and goals of the project

  • Development of project plans and a periodic controlling  are required

  • Structure projects in a process-oriented manner

  • the organization and culture within the project must be designed specifically

  • Obstacles in the project must be resolved in a targeted manner and

  • the relationship of the project to the project context must be created.

Project management is an important part of ensuring project success, but cannot ensure it alone, as other factors such as e.g. B. the strategy of the individual companies involved in the project, the competitive situation etc. that can influence the success of the project.

The guideline will help you to fulfill all these factors as the points are listed and explained in a simple and understandable way in the guideline!

The Project Management Guideline is now available for download in the shop as a PDF and Power Point presentation.
After downloading, the Power Point Presentation can be adapted to suit your personal requirements.

Personal advice/support for your team

From April 2023, I will also offer personal advice and support for your project team in the form of seminars or personal on-site support for your team. You tell us where you want to hold the seminar!

The consultation can be carried out in German or English. English is also planned for your team for international projects

to get fit.

If necessary, please feel free to contact me.

You let us know WHERE and WHEN the consultation is required.

Details will then be clarified personally!

I would also be happy to take on your project management tasks personally.

- Project management


- Project analyses

- risk management

- Project coordination

- Project support

Details after personal clarification. Feel free to contact me at:

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